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Nora’s rewards are the many conversations that have grown out of the articles as well as the open-hearted, caring messages she receives every day from people of all genders who find the articles helpful in making sense of their own unspoken experiences.

“I think of the rough posts as a kind of sonar that echoes out and sends things bouncing back,” she wrote.

Male readers who sometimes expose their own defensiveness in response to her writing intentionally or unintentionally reveal the cracks and fissures in Western culture, and that leads to stronger articles.

Men can use her blog as a resource to understand and respect people of all genders in the 21st century dating scene. It’s about him devaluing or underestimating the knowledge and power of women. [is] a result of the lifetime of pressure that molds men to fake it, to sound like they know things they do not know…

It’s important for today’s daters, especially in the current political climate, to take these issues into consideration if they want to act in caring and constructive ways with a potential match.

After all, the first step to solving a problem is to acknowledge that, yes, mansplaining is most definitely a thing.

“Compassion for self and compassion for others grow together and are connected,” Nora argued.

“We must call on masculinity to become whole and nurturing of self and others, to recognize that attachment needs are healthy and normal.” Nora likes to facilitate conversation and encourage vulnerability and genuine connection among people, so she often calls upon her readers, colleagues, and friends to give their opinions about her opinions.


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