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“We have to stand up and acknowledge who we are.” He has continuing concerns regarding the deep divisions in America’s bipolar, bipartisan politics, and how those can impact on LGBT causes.“I feel like we are evolving past our limitations, and any evolution takes time.I don’t think that people like Donald Trump represent the vast majority of Americans. But I do feel that there’s a more general cultural tension in America where people are turning on one another.It’s a scary time in that regard because it’s about taking five steps forward and then taking one back.Indeed, he has been acting since boyhood, a pastime, he notes, that may be connected to the death of his father, who died of cancer when he was just seven.“I don’t think it was solely responsible for me going into acting, but it definitely influenced it,” says Quinto.

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Inside the door of Java’s coffee shop on Abbeygate Street in Galway – just to the right of the menu – there’s a collection of press clippings relating to the bistro’s most famous former employee, a young American actor.

“I lived in LA for 13 years and I did love it there. Except, of course, when you’re sitting in traffic for two hours getting unnecessarily irate about the other drivers around you.

But New York is somehow more reflective of who I am and who I always wanted to be.

Zachary Quinto spent a few months working there, in between his studies at NUI Galway, in the late 1990s.

Quinto – who is half-Irish on his mother’s side – was already a seasoned thespian by the time he arrived in the City of Tribes, where he appeared in a production of The Bear with Tintreach Company.


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